And again, I´m sorry!!! >.

Ehm, so my pc dies on me AGAIN. This time it took more time to recover than usually. So, some seven weeks ago I was reading some yaoi manga and then my PC started to produce some strange sounds. I didn´t mind, thinking it was just some minor thing but after an hour the I heard the sounds again, this time they were louder. And then, as you could guess, my PC blacked out >.<
Because my father´s friends is a PC mechanist we gave him it. But he said that there was something wrong and it couldn´t be repaired. T_T But after some time my father gave me some money and I used all of my savings to buy a notebook. I´m so happy! Finally, after being cut off from the interned I´m back! Oh yeah, so. here I am ^-^
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Title: Biht
Genre: Angst
Pairing: One-sided Gakuto/Yuushi
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of tennis and especially not our Hyotei boys. If I did you would know ^_- Also, I don't make any money from this.
Summary:  Is it possible to see things that aren't there? To see everything just how it was back then? It's strange, I see even the shop-lady that doesn't work there anymore, but, where are you, Yuushi? You aren't here anymore, are you, Yuushi?

Note- Sorry if there are any mistakes, as I said million times before, English isn't my first language and I'm not that good in it >.<

Collapse )

SHOKU!!!! DOUBLE SHOKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THAT CAN'T BE POSSIBLY TRUE!!! I mean, come on, that was too much on me!!! My weak heart can't take it!!
Okay, what's this about? Well, an hour ago I started watching Boys love theater edition (like fifth time or something like that) and just... there was that scene where Sora is with his.. I guess brother (ehm, I didn't catch it and my Japanese isn't who knows how great) (and I guess because Sora said "anata" and "aniki" so... I'm not sure but whatever, feel free to correct me ^-^..) And then that guy spoke and I was like "Hey, wait a minute, I know that voice from somewhere" and then the v-camera showed his face and.. YOU KNOW WHAT???? It was Kiriyama Renn-chan!!!!!!! Yeah, I'm so quick! When I see it the fifth time, only then I recognize him!!!! XDDD So, I found out that Renn-chan acts there XDDD I was staring at the screen for like ten minutes and then I screamed. And because it's like midnight here where I live I of course woke up the whole house XDDD  Me thinks so fast XDD And then when I recovered a little came the second shock! Baba Tooru-chan!!!!!!! So the process of me staring at the screen and screaming out repeated XD This time my mother came to yell at me what the hell am I doing XDDD But you know, the four previous time when I watched this movie I DIDN'T NOTICE THEM!!! I mean, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?! Okay, maybe back then I wasn't into Rikkai that much, but even so... I'm so STUPID!!!!!! I need a cold shower, my usual five kilometers run, minimum of four chocolate bars, three cappuccinos, one Rikkai and a good sleep and them maybe I'll be back to normal XDDD

My strange mood

OK, I'm probably going to babble, but whatever, you better get used to it...
So, I was watching Dream Live 5th today (LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE!!! RIKKAI IS DA BEST!!! AND TAKUMI-YUUSHI WAS THERE!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥) and I just remembered that around the same time I watched Dream Live 3rd the last year. You, know, the feelings I got from the old tenimyus (1st and 2nd cast Myus) ... they aren't there anymore. TeniMyu got bigger, got a lot more fans than it had before and it just doesn't have that familiar atmosphere it had. It wasn't that sparkly and enormous like it is now, but ... I just don't know.. I liked it better. You know, I felt like I was home but now? I'm just trying to find my jaw and eyes, but it isn't my home anymore. It's just, something that makes me go "WOW!!!". And I don't know why, but the 3rd and 4th cast.. well they ARE good, I like them, I really do, but before, it was better, I FELT better than now. Maybe it's just me missing the good old days. No, not maybe, I AM missing them. There is a lot more people now and it isn't so.. let's say.. intimate than it was. For example HyouteiMyu, my favorite (summer, winter, doesn't matter, I like them both). And I miss Hyotei, I loved them, I still do. Of course, Rikkai is love, but it just isn't Hyotei. And now when I look at the photosets of Hyotei... Ruito and Takumi, Kazuki and Kenta and others... I just feel like crying. I really miss them. And you know what? I'm not an emotional person ^-^;;; And just like my icon says - Glory days. The days of HyouteiMyu and Dream live 3rd really WERE glory days. My biggest couple obsession is SaiRui and it just hurts me to think they probably won't act together again. And the others, 2nd cast and Hyoutei... You know, my heart Seigaku regulars was 2nd cast, Shirotan-buchou, Aibachi (I know he was a part of 3rd generation, but here, he was the true Fuji, alongside the 2nd cast), Zukki, Arayan, Konii, Adachin, Kaji-chan, Kuji-chan, Yuyan and Yanagi... they were are and forever will be my true Seigaku regulars. I won't forget them! The same goes for Hyotei... Kazuki, Takumi, Ruito, Takuya, KenKen, Koji, Wasshi, Ryo... they will be the tennis team of my dreams.. always... and no-one can replace these two teams.
Boys, I love you!

Okay, now I need a big rest and a shoulder to cry on and then I will be back to normal ^^


OK, so let's get this party started ^^ This is my first fanfiction and I'm sure it won't be my last ^_- It's SaiRui!!! My most favourite couple at this moment ^-----^ 

Title: Watching
Category: Angst
Rating: G
Pairing: SaiRui
Summary: Takumi has doubts about his relationship with Rui.

Collapse )

AND!!! One big PLEASE!! Is there someone so kind and nice and generous to become my beta-reader? English isn't my first language so I'm sure I will make a lot of mistakes >.<



Yoroshiku onegaishmasu minna-san! ^-^
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Because you're here I'm sure we met before (I'm so sorry if I don't remember you, I can't remember names very well >.<;;;;; ) so nice to see you again!
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